Boulsworth Moor

Boulsworth Moor


Boulsworth Moor


Gina and Holly relaxing on the moors, enjoying the nice weather.

Boulsworth Moor is one of our favourite places to walk your dogs, there are very few people that use these paths throughout the week so they are great for the dogs to have a good run around without having to worry about cyclists, walkers, other dogs etc. There are some great tracks to follow that take you through woodland and over moorland, with wonderful views over Lancashire. There are rarely any sheep on the moors but if we do see any the dogs go on lead immediately, we also take care to not let them roam whilst birds are nesting on the ground. Apart from these times it is just one big playground!

You can get on to the moors by travelling from Trawden towards Caldwell Reservoirs, past Coldwell Activity Centre and park by the Bridleway sign on the left. There is also a lovely little Cafe at the Centre which makes a great place to end your walk!  –

Gina, the French Bulldog, had her first trip to the moors today for her daily walk with some of the Colne dogs, Holly, Hamish, Jay and Izzy. She wasn’t sure at first but as you can see she soon got into the swing of things! Running around and playing really well with the other dogs.

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