Dog Days Secure Field - Improvements

Dog Days Secure Field – Improvements

Lots of work happening at the Dog Days Secure Field

We have started to develop the field and make it easier for our customers to find us, get onto the field, park and most importantly have more fun with their dogs!

The entrance to the field is now wider and longer which will make driving in and out much easier and safer.

The car park has been extended using eco friendly matting which allows the grass to grow through but still allows our customers to drive and park safely. No chance of getting stuck in the mud!

Look out for future developments; a second dog field, a storage barn with dog washing facilities and more enrichment areas for the dogs.
Dry Stone Wall Change

The dry stone waller was out in the heavy rain moving the wall further apart to make enough space for two cars to fit into the entrance at the same time.
Changes to the gate and fencing

The gate has been moved further into the field to give more space when moving from the main road into the driveway. We have also added a small gate which means when both gates are open there will be enough room for two cars to pass.

Happy with the new gate!

Moving the gate further away from the main road

Lancashire County Council worked on the pavement

We now have a proper entrance rather than a dropped curb making it so much easier to see the traffic and enter and leave the field safely.
Changes to the driveway

Tarmac instead of gravel, much cleaner and safer.
That's the entrance out for further developments!