One to One Dog Training

There are many reasons for choosing a One to One Training Session rather than attending a weekly Training Course:

  • You may be a shift worker

  • Have a family to care for

  • Simply prefer to work one on one with your trainer and your dog

  • Maybe there is just one issue that you want to deal with such as building a strong recall, walking nicely on the lead or not jumping up

  • A Private training session can be tailored to suit exactly what you and your dog need!

    The location of these sessions will depend on you, your dog and exactly what is being covered.
    If the issue is jumping up at people then Lynn will come out to your home to work with the whole family and develop a strategy that works for you.
    If you want to work on your dog's recall or training them to walk nicely on the lead, then the Dog Days Secure Field is the perfect location.

    Behaviour Advice

    For dogs that are showing signs of anxiety or aggression it is necessary to have a one to one behavioural consultation. Issues may include anxiety when being left, resource guarding, barking and lunging at dogs and/or strangers and to help with such serious issues it will be necessary to have more than one session with Lynn. The initial consultation will last up to two hours during which a full history will be taken looking at the dogs early experiences and discussing any issues that you may have. At the end of this session a Behaviour Modification Plan will be discussed and future sessions arranged. You will then receive an Action Plan to follow until your next session. Modifying behaviour is not quick or easy and requires a commitment from the whole family to work with Lynn and follow through with the programme.