Puppy Consultation

Have you just got your new puppy?

Are you worried about house-training, using a crate, leaving your puppy home alone, puppy nipping?

Do you just want to get it right?

We can visit you at home and talk through all these initial worries that every new puppy owner has.

Lynn, our qualified dog trainer, will spend an hour with you and your family, in your own home. She will deal with all these immediate concerns and get you on the track to having a happy pup and a happy family!

Puppy Socialisation Classes

Once your pup has had their second vaccinations they can join us on our six week Puppy Socialisation and Life Skills Course. Classes are held at our Secure Fields/Training Barn in Kelbrook and we encourage you to bring your puppy along as soon a possible so that you don't miss out on this critical socialisation period.

Our course is the perfect mix of new experiences, socialising, life skills and basic training.

It is very important that puppies learn to mix with other dogs in a confident way but also learn to listen to you when other dogs are around!
Our Puppy Socialisation Course will help your pup to:

Have confidence
Have self control
Listen to you
Like surprises
Like to be touched
To have good manners and say "please"
To be calm

Remembering all the time that your dog has the right to be dog and to express himself - politely!

They will also have a head start for their Foundation Training Course by learning:
"sit", "down" and "stand", walking nicely on lead and puppy recalls!

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