Emma and Dexter     Benji, Masie and Lola             Bertie         Bertie                 Izzy          Izzy                          Gina        Henri                Dexter                                   Holly                      Sinbad                      Skye                      Lulu                      Lola and Otto                      Daisy                      Dexter                    Boris                 Minka, Henri and Gina                 Gina                 Finley                Finley               Hamish and April                Lily and Jess                Lulu                Bear, Kit, Pip                  Grace                   Meg                  Kit               Pip                                        Lucy                          Albert, Sid, Bear, Bailey and Jay             Bear                    Bailey and Sophie                  Minka, Isla, Queg, Henri, Molly and Finley                Lucy, Wilson, Izzy, Skye, Lulu and Hamish                      Queg                       Minka                       Lulu                       Henri                      Holly                      Holly                    Poppy                 Bailey                 Benji, Masie and Izzy                 Wilson                   Sophie                   Minka                   Lucy                   Rupa                   Lizzy                   Barney and Betty                   Bailey, Queg and Lucy                   Hamish and Jay