Puppy Graduation!

Puppy Graduation!

Bringing a new puppy into your life should bring great joy but it can also be an incredibly stressful and frustrating time. Your pup needs to learn what is expected of him in his new home and new environment but it is also your responsibility to ensure that his needs are met. Your pup is a dog and has the right to express himself like a dog and it is your responsibility to ensure that he can do this, even if that means barking and digging!

For your pup learning the right way to behave isn't just about obeying instructions, it is also about learning to make correct choices. A pup that understands your house rules and chooses to follow them will be a pleasure to have in your family.

The best start you can give your pup is to join a puppy training course run by a qualified and experienced trainer; to help you choose the APDT have given you a few questions and pointers to consider:
•Always go to watch a puppy class without your puppy before you book
•Exercises should be broken into small sessions suitable for puppies to learn.
•Puppies and people should look relaxed and happy.
•Punitive methods or equipment should not be in use. Choke/check chains, tight slip collars and prong collars are not necessary.
•Noise should be kept to a minimum - shouting is unnecessary and lots of barking can indicate that the dogs are stressed.
•Instructors should be approachable. Do they appear friendly and caring in the best interests of owner and pup.
•How many puppies are there in the class? Bear in mind the size of the venue, as well as the number of assistants. Can the instructor keep an eye on everyone?
•Methods should suit the dog and handler in question. Food and toys are excellent motivators. Not many dogs work for praise alone.
•Play between puppies should be carefully supervised and controlled and combined with gentle, effective training.

Our classes are run by Lynn Southworth who is a qualified and accredited dog trainer and the only dog trainer in Pendle to be recommended by the Animal and Behaviour Training Council, a government body that regulates dog trainers and behaviourists.
Have a look at the Puppy Training page for more details about puppy classes and puppy consultations; Puppy Training
If you would like to join one of our puppy training courses then call us on 07980 378 761 or email info@dogdayslancs.co.uk

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