Puppy Socialisation - are we getting it right?

Puppy Socialisation – are we getting it right?


Socialisation – we all now know the importance of early puppy socialisation but are we getting it right?

Meet Bo, German Shepherd, Zac, Labrador Retriever and siblings Belle and Teddy the poodle x bichons. All currently enrolled on our one of our puppy courses.

In last weeks class one of their owners asked what they should do if their super friendly and sociable pup wanted to rush over and greet every person they see on walks. My advice is always the same in this situation, the pup must learn that he isn’t going to get attention from everyone he meets. After all not everyone likes dogs, yes its true!

Walk down the road and you see dogs straining on the end of the lead in excitement and then frustration, desperately trying to get to great the passing dog or stranger. These dogs have been “socialised” to the extent that they expect to greet every passing person or dog. Is this a well socialised dog? I think not.

Yes we want our pups to be happy and confident but we also want them to be socially polite, which means they can, if necessary, walk past people and dogs without a second glance.

So if our young pup is super confident and outgoing we need them to learn that not every person or dog they see is a new playmate. Equally, if our pup is a little shy maybe we should “protect” them from well meaning strangers who feel the urge to rush over and fuss them. We can say no and still have a “well socialised” dog!

If you have just got your new pup and want to join us on one of our courses, find out more here.

Places are limited to just 4 pups in each class so you are guaranteed lots of individual attention from Lynn, our professional trainer.